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TP Kids

Children’s Ministry – The Replacements

Do you have a heart to help children develop into whom God has called them to be?We could always use more teachers to assist with our children.

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Shine Ministry

Do you possess a creative passion in the technical audio/video field? The Shine Ministry also covers media, website and promotions. The opportunity for your gift is celebrated in many arenas.

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Inside-Out Ministry

Are you hungry for making a difference within our many communities? From Outreach to Transportation, we strive to make ourselves available for others. We are happy to be able to give back.

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Love Ministry

Do you have a heart to hear the needs of people and agree with them in prayer? Are you interested in doing random acts of kindness for others? If so, we are always looking to add to our team of heartfelt helpers.

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Praise and Worship

Our Praise and Worship Ministry strives to create The Place for true worshipers. If you are gifted in the areas of singing, dance and/or drama, we welcome your gifts and talents.

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Social Accommodations and Hospitality Ministry

Do you enjoy making people feel welcome? Do you enjoy serving others?

The Social Accommodations and Hospitality Ministry strives to create The Place for a positive attitude of service in the areas of Meeters, Greeters, Food and Maintenance.

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One Ministry

The One Ministry focuses on church fellowship. From couples to single parents, this ministry provides support by creating events that can reach out and impact the entire family.

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Word and Doctrine Ministry

The Word and Doctrine Ministry provides a foundational doctrine for all of those who desire a deeper understanding of God’s word. Through Sunday School, Orientation and Bible Lab, your knowledge of our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ is bound to grow exceedingly and abundantly.

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Meat Ministry

The Meat Ministry covers all financial aspects of ministry ranging from benevolent and ministry funding to budget and accounts. This is the place for you if financing is your specialty.

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Women’s Ministry

The Women’s Ministry caters to all women from all walks of life and all ages. This ministry is designed to impact the lives of women who are either married or single, divorced or widowed. Our goal is to build each other up and provide support from within the body of Christ.

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Iron Men’s Ministry

The Iron Men’s Ministry is designed to strengthen every man and provide a support group. Rather you’re married, single, divorced or widowed, this ministry strives to give encouragement and creates an atmosphere to be sharpened.

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Mind Ministry

The Mind Ministry consists of Ministry Leaders only. This group of individuals provides strategic ideas which helps develop the structure of The Place.